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30 Jun 2017
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Sentry Safe: Part of Your Protective Defense


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Posted By Audrey E.

What is it that keeps you and your valuables safe at home? Is it your amazing sense of self, and kung-fu or karate skills? Or maybe it's the locks on your doors, or the weapons you have hidden in the house. Maybe it's a big dog, or an alarm system on all the doors and windows. All of these things certainly help, and are necessary parts of living securely as part of our modern world. Having a good safe to keep your valuables in, like a Sentry safe, is another element. You can see that securing your items, and your living space, takes multiple things coming together to get the job done right. Right now lets focus on securing small valuables. This includes: important documents like life insurance papers, auto and home insurance, and birth certificates, as well as cash, jewelry, passports, small collectibles etc.

There are two primary main threats to small items, fire and theft. Both can turn a good day into a bad one in a real hurry. The actions of a thief, or the damage caused by a raging inferno can literally rob you of things you need in your life. It doesn't take long for a bad guy to enter your living space, find your safe and high tail it away. Equally efficient is the ravages of fire. It only takes mere moments for a blaze to make your things either disappear into ashes, or be so ruined that they cannot be used any more. Never fear, though, there is something you can do about both threats. You can get a Sentry safe.

A Sentry safe is designed to protect from different types of possible threats. Some are considered a fire safe because they will keep the contents of the safe protected for an amount of time that the industry has determined is within the range of what most fire fighters need to extinguish a common house fire, usually about 30 minutes. Fortunately, these safes will keep the goods from getting ruined because of the amazing construction of, not only the door of the safe, but also the box walls themselves. Modern materials make this possible, and Sentry takes full advantage of them.

One idea you may not have thought of is to get a Sentry safe that can be mounted in a wall. This is a relatively simple procedure where you mark and cut a hole in the drywall, insert the safe, fasten it to the studs, and then stand back and admire how cool it looks. I always think it would be fun to have a safe like this that I could hang a painting in front of. These types of safes make it pretty tough for a thief to make away with the goods. You can put them in the floor as well, but this is usually way easier if done during initial construction.

Determining the level of threat you are willing to live with, then doing something about it is something we all need to do. Thankfully, Sentry safe offers products that can be a part of your protective defense against the harms we all live with.

Comments (8)

By Rosalie J. on JUL 4 2017 @ 8:14PM

There are certain things you should absolutely keep in a fire safe. Irreplaceable documents like birth certificates for one.

By Anthony G. on JUL 4 2017 @ 2:08PM

Sentry is a good company, they've been around a while and proven themselves.

By Faye A. on JUL 4 2017 @ 1:16PM

Part of me wants to lock up my jewelry, but I don't want to have to open up a safe every time I want to wear something nice.

By Pauline W. on JUL 2 2017 @ 5:20PM

My kids won't stop asking what's inside.

By Melvin M. on JUL 2 2017 @ 5:09PM

Should I trust a fingerprint safe?

By Rocky H. on JUL 1 2017 @ 9:14PM

Most burglars won't bother stealing a safe because they're too bulky and heavy, even if they're not that big, but it still doesn't hurt to bolt it down.

By Candice R. on JUL 1 2017 @ 9:09PM

I also keep papers in a fierproof bag within the safe. Just one extra layer of protection.

By Leroy S. on JUL 1 2017 @ 9:06AM

They actually have safes with alarms on them now, so if someone tries to break in, you and the authorities will be notified, and you'll probably scare away the threat too.

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