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10 Jul 2017
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A Home Safe Grows as You do


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Posted By Carlos B.

Let me share with you my experiences with a home safe. When I was first married over twenty years ago I didn't think about things like home safes, securing important papers and valuables, or anything else even closely related. I just concerned myself with life's more basic distractions, like working, eating, sleeping, and maybe catching a movie every once in a while. As I got older things started to change. Before I knew it I got to the point where I felt the need to secure a few things.

When I think about it, these early feelings about security probably started when we began having children. I had an innate sense of what to do to protect my valuable babies, so it wasn't much of a leap for me to start feeling protective of other things in my life that I valued. The first thing I had that could probably pass as a home safe was a little lock box. It was metal and had a simple single lock. It didn't hold much, wasn't fire or water proof, but did allow me to put a few things inside that I wanted to protect from simple theft. I guess it never dawned on me that a would be thief could just walk off with it. Silly me.

Before too long, my notion of what a home safe was started to change. I found a Sentry safe that was small enough to be portable, yet had some of the basic protections I really needed. It could withstand the devastating effects of a blaze for enough time for the average fire department to respond, about 30 minutes. It had a pretty secure feeling lock, and it was big enough to store some extra cash, my passport, and a few other important documents and valuables.

Having a small home safe was great, and still is for many reasons. However, what I soon learned was that it just wasn't adequate enough for some of the other valuables that I really wanted to protect. My main concern was being able to safely store my handgun. I needed a secure safe to put it in so the kids could not come into jeopardy, but I also needed something that was extremely easy to access in times of need. What I found was a bio-safe that was keyed with my own hand. I would recommend one of these to anyone with a pistol. All you do to open the safe is to insert your hand onto the pad that reads your unique bio-metrix. Through the magic of modern technology, the safe will recognize you as the owner and allow you access.

Before long, more kids had come along and the number of valuables we had acquired, and wanted to secure, had started to accumulate. We decided that a larger home safe would be in order. We found one that we installed in a closet by bolting it to the floor from the inside of the safe. This was pretty secure, and gave us a place to store not only important valuables, but larger items as well.

A home safe can give a lot of peace of mind if it is the right one. As your need for protection grows, the size of the safe you need grows as well.

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By Luther L. on JUL 13 2017 @ 3:19PM

Think about those things that you really need to have in there. If you start getting paranoid and sticking things in willy nilly, then no safe will be big enough.

By Gilbert B. on JUL 12 2017 @ 2:16PM

Will a big heavy safe damage my floors?

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