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11 Jul 2017

Knives: Alternative for Home Security


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Posted By Tabitha S.

How Would I Use Knives Instead Of Other Forms of Home Security? Using knives instead of other types of home security has been growing in the last couple of years.

Knives are silent and deadly and need no special training to be able to use them The knives used can range from the pen knife to a shuriken (a type of throwing knife called a star) and even the famous Bowie knife is used to apply home security. Knives are especially good for silent attacks if someone is prowling around inside your home and making a mess of things.

Which Types Of Knives Are Better For This Application?

Some knives suit themselves better to home security than others. A Bowie knife is a good example of one that is great for home security. A pen knife is not always appropriate in this situation, but can do damage just the same. A knife is always silent, and silence is needed instead of a ringing alarm, as alarms can be cut and otherwise meddled with. In reality most hand to hand fighters prefer a knife as it is perfect for enclosed and small spaces and close range damage.

How Do I Train For Using A Knife?

Knife training can be taken at a dojo or from books and practice dummies can help you train to use a knife. Knife training can help you make certain reflexes automatic so that you can use a knife for home security.

I must point out that knives are an alternative for home security, but also need to be in conjunction with other types of security such as guard dogs. The more alternatives that you use together, the easier making your home secure will be. This is a must to have other alternatives besides the knife open and operating.

Is Using A Knife More Cost Effective Than Other Methods?

Yes, a knife is a simple tool that doesn't require much training or upkeep. The only thing that you need to do is to take care of your knife and clean and oil it, so that it will work dependably for you. No sense in a knife not being taken care of. If you are lazy, then imagine if you have a folding knife and have to make an awful commotion getting it open due to lack of treatment. That is really not the right idea and your intruder will be upon you before you can blink. That pretty much negates having a knife as security right there. So care must be taken with knives.

Should I Take Some Sort Of Precaution?

Yes, you always need to take precautions especially when there are children around. Never, ever show them knives or how to use one! This could lead to trouble that you do not want. With a sharp knife in a little one's hands, that leads to danger for the little one and who ever else is around. Keep the knives in hidden places that only you know, but make certain that these knives are hidden in a spot that you can remember. Keep all sharpening tools out of the hands of children and this goes for any oils that you use.

Little ones are curious and will ask questions and sometimes follow you when you think that they are not there. Safety for you and your loved ones is paramount! If you do not have little ones, the same types of precautions still apply. You must be careful that you do not give away your hiding place but be able to remember it all the same.

Should I Keep Knives Locked Up?

You should have a safe place that someone cannot get into and retrieve the knife from. Locking up a knife will not help when a prowler is around and you need something quickly and without noise. You must make absolutely certain that you have a safe place to keep these weapons and do not let children especially know either that you have one or where it is kept. A knife is a dangerous weapon, especially in a child's hands. Consider it as such.

Yes it is a tool, but becomes a weapon in someone's hands. You and your family's safety are of the utmost importance and carelessness and neglect can really not only cause trouble, but profound heartache if in the wrong hands. By taking this advice, you will be saving yourself untold heartache and grief, not to mention worry.


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